Editorial means digital... Digital means Editorial

Acquisition and loyalty strategies, digitisation of working practices, data intelligence... Marketing managers… these are all challenges that you have to face, and we are here to face them with you! Our trademark is perfectly harnessing creative, technical and also editorial expertise. Producing engaging content that sets you apart from the crowd is key to the success of any venture. For the best part of 20 years, we have made "editorial as a sales tool" our raison d’être. Whilst never losing sight of your image, our campaigns are designed to tie in exactly with your business objectives, with success that we can evaluate by tracking the relevant data and measuring the results.

Consulting & Strategy

We love to support our clients with the digital transformation of their marketing practices and the definition of their strategies, budgets and communications plans. We are happy to accompany you step-by-step, which can include producing a brand platform with a roll-out for the employer, a graphic charter, editorial charter, recommendations for purchasing advertising space and running your social networks.

Editorial & Content

Our approach to editorial is resolutely journalistic, to provide content that is informative, instructive, genuine, down-to-earth and appealing. Content should generate sales and loyalty by being first and foremost interesting: it can include white papers, interviews and testimonies, expert opinions, news and in-depth articles, but also the likes of video reports, motion design animation and traditional or interactive computer graphics.

Good content, served by the right technologies, generate business, image and reputation.

Data in support.

Creation & Development

For us, creativity is only worthwhile when it serves a purpose. The relevance of the graphic design needs to meet genuine business needs. Our creative staff – videographers, designers, UX / UI experts and developers – strive to offer the most attractive possible experience, focusing in particular on emotional design and making the best use of the latest in technology. Our experts will accompany you throughout the creation process, with everything from new graphic universes to complete digital ecosystems, to help you build your new image.

Acquisition & Analytics

We know that acquiring traffic and analysing the behaviour of your visitors is crucial. This is why, with our dedicated subsidiary Indexel Data Science, we identify the right platforms for you (from Facebook, Google Ads and social networks), the right formats and the right content to generate leads and sales and increase awareness of your business. We then analyse visitor flows to continuously improve the relevance of what you are implementing.

Our customers

They trust us, they are faithful, they inspire us.

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