Digital strategy

Our mission: build the conversation funnel that best matches your business objectives. And, also strengthens the partnership between digital marketing and sales teams.

Our method


Main focus

  • Co-creation

    We’ll run workshops at key points to help build your strategy and explore all the different possibilities. Our aim? Craft a relevant and effective digital strategy.

  • Collaboration

    For each project unfolds as smoothly as possible, we use a wide range of collaborative tools – including Google Drive, Trello and Coogle. The aim? Make it easy to keep an eye on progress and communicate together.

  • Expertise

    Every step of your project will be accompanied by a dedicated project manager who works hand in hand with one of our strategic consultants. We’ll involve different experts - strategy, editorial, creative and technical - at the right moments.


    Our attitude

  • Agility

    Whatever the size and subject of your project, an agile approach is essential. We’ll divide your campaigns into phases that can be adapted to changing needs at different moments.

  • Test & learn

    We’re convinced that by constantly testing ideas, the results of your digital strategy will exceed expectations.

  • Measure

    As an intrinsically business-oriented consulting agency, we’ll implement key indicators from day one. These will be monitored at every step to ensure we never lose sight of your objectives.

  • It isn’t goodbye

    Every project comes to an end, but the relationship with our clients never stops. We make a point of regularly suggesting new ideas to add a little more magic.



    Strategic approach

  • Seduce

    Your blog is a great way to boost visibility online through SEO and expert content, while also dynamizing your social media platforms. Indexel will help find relevant themes and write appealing articles.

  • Engage

    Which lead magnets will help you capture new contacts? Determine the best levers to fill your databases, from eBooks to quizzes and configurators.

  • Nurture

    What kind of messages and content will boost your relationship with customers and prospects? A thoughtful nurturing strategy will identify which contacts to focus your commercial actions on.

  • Convert

    Not too long. But not too short. And with a clear CTA. Build landing pages that enhance your offers, drive conversion and bring your digital strategy to life.

INDEXEL_Site Web_2020_Stratégie digitale_Visuel2_light

We can now launch our long-awaited editorial strategy. With Indexel, we quickly made this project a reality – this would have been very difficult to do on our own within the timeframe.

Lydie Tanneau Digital Marketing Manager

Indexel seduced us with its editorialised approach. We quickly adhered to the concept, as did our internal teams. This kind of cohesion was a major asset for such an ambitious project.

Astrid Mayo Communications Manager

With Indexel, we now have all the tools we need to launch inbound marketing campaigns that generate leads.

Éric Jamet Marketing Director

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