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Our method


Design & content

  • Objectives

    Our strategic consultant will help to define your objective and sequence your campaign.

  • Adapted content

    Our team of copywriter-journalists will write engaging, relevant content to interest your target audiences and also provoke an emotional reaction.

  • Efficient design

    Even more than a website, an email needs to appeal instantly. Our artistic directors and web designers will combine their energies and inspirations to create impactful and efficient layouts.

  • Precise segmentation

    Based on your target audiences, our consultants will help you segment your contact base gp maximise the open rate for your email.



  • Mobile first & responsive

    Our developers have lots of experience creating emails and will endeavour to create the most appealing reading experience for mobile and desktop users.

  • The art of the email

    Building emails is intricate craft that bring together diverse best practices. Always on top of the latest innovations, our developers will ensure the code is technically tip top.

  • Deliverability

    To optimise deliverability, every email and newsletter is subjected to a panel of tests – antispam, optimising all client emails, nothing is left to chance.

  • A/B testing

    We produce variants and carry out A/B testing to boost the open rate of your emails.

  • Routing

    Whether routing tool used, we will help you implement and configure it.




  • Defining KPIs

    Based on your objectives, our consultants will define the most appropriate metrics to monitor. We’ll implement precise, dynamic tracking to analyse your campaigns with a fine-tooth comb – from the open rate to the click-through, conversion, reading time or rebound rate.

  • Monitoring metrics

    Our consultants will produce precise reports to contextualise your metrics to improve your send campaign… and the next!


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