GDPR – don’t panic

Make sure your website complies with all the latest GDPR recommendations and rules.

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  • GDPR banner

    We’ll configure your GDPR banner using Cookiebot in line with your graphic charter. Pop up or banner? You decide.

  • Personalised tracking

    Give visitors an overview of all the trackers on your site – so, they can accept all the cookies or choose which ones to activate during their session.

  • Privacy policy

    This is where you detail all the cookies and trackers used on your site. With Cookiebot, the list will be automatically updated each time you add a cookie, for example, during digital campaigns.


    Google Tag Manager

  • Tracker codes

    To keep loading time to a minimum, all your tracking codes will be hosted for free on Google Tag Manager.

  • Interface

    You can add trackers directly via the Google Tag Manager interface, which is connected to Cookiebot and automatically updates your GDPR banner and privacy policy.

  • Testing

    Google Tag Manager is also an extremely powerful tool for visualising and testing different configurations before launching your GDPR-friendly campaigns.

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    High stakes

  • GDPR – a legal obligation

    The European Union has implemented the GDPR since May 2018. Non-compliance exposes companies to hefty fines. Since October 2020, internet users be able to refuse all cookies. The good news? Our solution is ready to adapt to any changes.

  • Also an opportunity

    Visitor consent guarantees greater transparency about all the data you collect and how you’re going to use it. This will make your marketing operations more transparent and the results more reliable.

  • Valuable insights

    Despite the rules imposed by the GDPR, our tracking solutions are still a great opportunity to get to know your customers better.

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