Tracking & KPIs

Measuring the performance of your digital campaign means fixing clear objectives and corresponding KPIs. And, implementing a tailored tracking system to monitor them.

Our expertise



  • Strategy

    Let’s determine and quantify your campaign objectives in line with your business – notoriety, qualified contacts, sales or all of them?

  • From objectives to KPIs

    Next step? Transform your objectives into measurable KPIs to determine how well your campaigns perform.

  • Co-construction

    Are you ready to challenge our proposals to come up with the most comprehensive and relevant KPIs?



  • Feasibility study

    Our tracking geeks will check that the tracking action plan is not only feasible but also optimised.

  • Technical specifications

    This document will outline your full tracking set-up including all the technical elements.

  • Set-up validation

    Ready, steady… One last check to make sure your tracking system is tip-top and raring to go.



    Technical implementation

  • Access

    With access to your tracking accounts, we can take care of everything for you.

  • Deployment

    Time to get technical and deploy your tracking system based on the specifications.

  • Test & validate

    Last but not least, we’ll test the full tracking set-up to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


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