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Far more than just a shop window, your website can accelerate your business and create new opportunities.

Our method



  • Your personas

    We think user-centric using personas – drawing on their expectations and conversion paths will enable you to produce a sitemap that fits the navigation habits of your target audiences.

  • Competitors

    Studying your competitors will help determine how to make your brand stand out, as well as better understand the expectations of your digital ecosystem.

  • Sitemap

    Get ready to be challenged during a workshop to establish the ideal sitemap for your website redesign – one that matches your conversion funnel and integrates strategic priorities like your employer brand.

  • Search engine optimisation

    It’s important to think about SEO from day one. How about a dedicated workshop to explore key words and expressions for your most strategic pages?



  • Zoning

    Together, we’ll create all your page templates – from categories to products - in line with your conversion objectives and expectations.

  • Layout

    Looking to create appealing yet distinctive graphic layout for your website redesign? Let our creative team and web designers work their magic.

  • Mobile first & responsive

    Whether mobile or desktop first, we’ll do everything we can to create a great user experience. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our mock-ups for different devices.

  • Think content

    Now it’s time to create editorial templates and write or rewrite compelling content, that’s also SEO-friendly. Never fear, our editorial consultants will help you at every step in your website redesign project.

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    Agile development

  • Proven methodology

    Our consultants love agile methodology for fast, easy navigation. To help them along the way and adapt to your need, there’ll be planning poker, user stories, planning sprints and sprint reviews & more.

  • Tailored development

    When it comes to choosing the most appropriate CMS (WordPress, Drupal & Co.) and adapting it to your needs, our developers are full of useful advice and ready to get their hands dirty! Forget buying themes and adding pointless functionalities.

  • Quality control

    Tested over more than 250 website redesign (and design) projects, our methodology delivers results. No bug escapes our expert eye – automatization and multi-platform tests, ticket follow-up & more.

  • Lasting performance

    Don’t worry the warranty period isn’t over. We’re committed to looking after your website for the long haul, from CMS and plugin updates to correcting bugs and security breaches.



Generating business

  • GDPR compliance

    Does keeping on the right side of the GDPR sound complicated and stressful? Panic over. We’ll make sure your site complies with GDPR regulations and implement all the right tools.

  • Drive conversion

    Websites turn prospects into customers. That’s why our tracking and acquisition consultants will set out a dedicated plan from day one to carefully monitor your KPIs.

  • Regular monitoring

    Long live Test & Learn! By carefully monitoring your metrics and offering recommendations, we’ll keep your website performing to its best.

We redesigned our corporate website in close collaboration with Indexel. It was a unanimous success internally and with customers, highlighting our new positioning and simplifying navigation. Because of the huge leap in quality, many thought it was a completely new site rather than a website redesign – which involved a far more modest budget.

Alexandre Muller

Alexandre Muller Digital Marketing Manager

Indexel created a product adapted to our needs: a simple, efficient website aligned with our brand. Delighted with the results of this partnership with Indexel teams, we also asked them to design our customer portal.

Véronique Riguidel Customer Relations Director

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