Social Media Ads

Bringing together different platforms, fun formats, creative concepts and high-quality content. 

Our method



  • Audit

    Reviewing your social media presence and carrying out a quick competitor benchmark will help target the strategy for your social media ads.

  • Defining KPIs

    Notoriety or sales? Set clear objectives for every campaign and monitor them with tailored KPIs. Remember to clarify the sales cycle and conversion funnel as well.


    Campaign design

  • Creative concept

    How can you make your social media advertising campaign memorable and engaging? With a strong and somewhat disruptive creative concept. Don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten track.

  • Content

    Get your message across with relevant content, from videos to eBooks, webinars and podcasts. And fun formats – how about a story, carousel, slideshow or video ad?

  • Planning & deployment

    What’s the best time to publish? What about retargeting? Driven by a test & learn mindset, we monitor different social platforms and hunt out best practices to develop highly efficient social media ads.

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    Choice of platforms & targets

  • Platforms

    Which social media platforms should you use for your campaign – LinkedIn? Facebook? Or what about Snapchat? Together, we’ll choose the most adapted approach for your social media ad campaign.

  • Target audience

    Each social media platform has its own audience. Are you targeting a custom or look-a-like audience? What fits your personas and media budget? Let’s find out.

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Campaign programming & analytics

  • Accounts

    First step? Create or check your accounts on the chosen social media platforms.

  • Set up

    Now it’s time to integrate all your campaign parameters including targeting, content and scheduling.

  • Tracking & reports

    Before kick-off, we’ll make sure your tracking system is tip-top and aligned with your KPIs. And then monitor your social media advertising campaign with regular reports and dynamic dashboards.

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