Video Marketing

Revolutionise your business storytelling with an eye-catching approach to video.

Our method



  • Creativity

    To make a difference, you may need to take a creative plunge by adopting new formats - like Gifs and ephemeral stories – for your communications and marketing videos. And, think disruption first in everything from graphic presentation to tone of voice.

  • Involvement

    Because internet users both produce and consume images, they have a powerful relationship with video. Our aim? Engage to generate emotions and reactions.

  • Copywriting

    For ever shorter, more ephemeral formats, it’s essential to tell the right story and invest the right amount. It’s pointless setting aside the budget for a Marvel film if you’re creating a 15-second marketing video.



  • Awareness

    Share expertise to raise awareness about specific problems.

  • Consideration

    Develop brand preference by offering solutions to specific problems.

  • Reassurance

    Use testimonials and business case studies to reassure and reinforce your company’s expertise.

  • Decision-making

    Opt for longer video formats - e.g. product demonstrations and motion design - to reinforce the relationship with existing audiences.

Color in motion, metaphor on the subject of design, creativity and imagination



  • Brief

    This document will help optimise your video production and answer questions like: which audiences and personas do you want to target? What is the aim of the marketing video? What about the editorial angle, main message and tone of voice?

  • Script

    A compelling video has a compelling scenario. This means writing a script and creating a storyboard.

  • Filming

    We’ll take care of choosing and reserving the filming location, as well as all the necessary equipment.

Professional video camera on a tripod. Equipment for video shooting.

Our challenge was to seduce young talents and make them want to take on technical roles at our datacentres. Perfectly executed by Indexel, the video enabled us to achieve this objective and promote our profession through portraits of young, enthusiastic collaborators.

Fatima Elalam Recruitment Manager

The video tutorial channel created by Indexel was a new channel for OVH. It actively contributes to growing traffic on the website for our Private Cloud offer, designed in partnership with VMware. And more traffic means more turnover. The quality of the videos was, without doubt, a key factor.

Mehdi Bekkai Private Cloud Product Manager

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