Annual reports & reference documents

With years of editorial experience and lots of creativity, our experts will help you create innovative annual reports and reference documents, which also follow all the rules. 

Our method


    Editorial expertise

  • Storytelling par excellence

    Your annual report isn’t only a tool for financial experts. Far from it. Make the most of this opportunity to identify the different messages you want to share with different target audiences and the stories you want to tell. Together, we’ll define the editorial angle for your report, as well as the most appropriate formats and topics in relation to your aims and the needs of your target audiences.

  • Dare to be different

    Why not opt for an annual report in the form of a podcast, MOOC or novel? Le Grand Paris and BPCE have already given it a go. So why not you?



    Digital expertise

  • Fully digital annual report

    What if your next reference document offered users a completely immersive experience? Or was designed for maximum interactivity, easy access to the information and strong messaging?

  • Information from every angle

    Mix up your content and choice of media, deal with information from different angles and use different formats and reading levels. Add in a few interactive mechanisms to renew the online experience for your audience.

  • Make social media an ally

    Social media is an effective way to spread and magnify messages including the ones in your annual report. All those great visuals and content will adapt perfectly to this channel.

Votre organisation éditoriale

For our reference document, Indexel surprised us and were very proactive. We already knew the agency was strong on digital, but it quickly became clear that print was also an integral part of their editorial know-how.

Véronique Riguidel Communications Director

Creating an annual report requires both method and responsiveness. Despite the tight deadlines, Indexel rose to the challenge for the second year running.
Nathalie Colla

Nathalie Colla Communications Manager

Because of their quality, creativity and responsiveness, we once again placed our trust in Indexel to create our reference document. The challenge was taken up by the whole team who make this highly strategic document more modern and original.

Marina Benatar Communications Manager

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