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Once your editorial guidelines are ready to go, your editorial content strategy can move up a gear. Especially with the right skills and tools from our editorial experts.

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Editorial consulting

  • Editor-in-chef

    Managing a team of professional journalists and writers is a complex job. We can lend a hand or even take on the role of editor-in-chief for the editorial content for your internal and external communications tools – print or online magazines, blog articles or even Web TV.

  • Copywriting

    Work with journalist-copywriters specialised in your sector to carry out interviews and write content. We’re happy working in French and English, although other linguistic combinations are also possible.

  • Traduction & rewriting

    Adapt your content to different markets and countries with creative yet faithful translations - we can also rewrite any texts that need a little polishing.

  • Proofreading

    All your editorial content is systematically proofread and edited by our editorial team to ensure each text is coherent and free from errors.


    Editorial content production

  • Journalistic approach

    In all our editorial projects, we apply a journalistic approach and work with writers specialising in your sector of activity. This way your readers or viewers will benefit from interesting, well-documented and useful information.

  • SEO approach

    You can’t measure the impact of your editorial content purely based on quality or style. To ensure your content is well ranked in search engines, our editorial team will help identify the most relevant words and expressions, and also optimise any pages that need it. Let’s not forget monitoring your KPI on a monthly basis.

  • Editorial project management

    Your dedicated editorial project manager will be your daily point of contact. Reporting to the editor-in-chief, he or she will manage all the backwards and forwards for editorial production using management tools like Trello, Google Doc and Microsoft.

Magazine Editor working and meeting on creative workplace.


    Complementary formats

  • Blog articles

    How can you make your blog articles both informative and captivating? Our journalist-copywriters know the ropes. They detect useful information, put it in perspective, prioritise and present it in an appealing way. Let’s not forget adding a little creativity and originality to trigger emotions and make you stand out from competitors.

  • Infographics

    For graphic designers and copywriters, infographics need to look good AND be carefully presented. The figures, illustrations and information need to tell a story that is meaningful and engaging, just like an expert testimonial or special feature. The aim? Take your editorial content viral by making readers want to share it.

  • Videos

    Work with our producers to create impactful videos that bring your editorial content to the screen. The wealth of formats will make your storytelling more dynamic, so you can promote special offers, interview clients, run workshops and show off your experts. Or why not create a digital event?


I really appreciated Indexel’s editorial expertise and efficient approach. They've bought our multi-faceted client projects to life through a relevant and very dynamic vision.

Julie Amoros Marketing Manager

Indexel seduced us with its editorialised approach. We quickly adhered to the concept, as did our internal teams. This kind of cohesion was a major asset for such an ambitious project.

Astrid Mayo Communications Manager

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