Editorial strategy

Building a clear, structured and unique editorial strategy to optimise the impact and ROI of your content.

Our expertise


Auditing your assets

  • Audience and readership surveys

    Do your communication tools meet the needs of your readers and visitors? Have their reading or viewing habits changed? Is their loyalty to your brand fading? Are they keen to switch from print to digital? Our qualitative and quantitative studies will give you the insights you’re looking for.

  • Identifying your persona

    You always write for someone. Before adapting or creating your communications tools, it’s therefore important to identify your audience personas and their reading or navigating habits. Keeping these profiles in mind ensures your content remains relevant.

  • Critical analysis

    Our role as an editorial consulting agency is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your publications before making any recommendations. We’ll be kind but exacting when it comes to the relevance of your topics, quality of infographics and intuitiveness of navigation.


    Constructing your editorial strategy

  • Editorial approach

    First of all, we’ll take the time to get to know you! This usually involves a couple of workshops before even beginning to produce any content. The aim? Identify the most adapted editorial approach in line with your strategy, and which will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Editorial guidelines

    Creating clear, coherent guidelines will make producing content with your in-house and external contributors as smooth as possible. They provide your stakeholders with key information about your purpose, positioning, lexicon, tone of voice and formats.

  • Editorial committees

    We can prepare and co-run your editorial committees on a monthly or quarterly basis to identify topics, angles, interviewees, article and video formats, as well as establish a schedule for your content production.

  • Editor-in-chef

    We can also take on the role of editor-in-chef to oversee and implement your editorial strategy from internal communications to magazines, CSR and more.


    Measuring your editorial performance

  • KPIs for each action

    Every action carried out by your visitors, readers or viewers can be measured - from the time they spend on your blog to click and rebound rates, video views and downloads. The aim? Optimise your editorial production to increase the size (and loyalty) of your audiences.

  • Engage and convert

    You aren’t a media platform. All your editorial content and in-bound marketing actions should focus on engaging and converting your visitor-readers. “Editorialising content to sell better” is our motto and we hope it’ll become yours too.

  • Make informed decisions

    To monitor the performance of your editorial strategy, there’s nothing better than dynamic dashboards based on your personalised KPIs. We’ll analyse the results together based on your weekly or monthly targets and adapt your editorial approach accordingly.

African American man talking by phone about report

We can now launch our long-awaited editorial strategy. With Indexel, we quickly made this project a reality – this would have been very difficult to do on our own within the timeframe.

Lydie Tanneau Digital Marketing Manager

Indexel seduced us with its editorialised approach. We quickly adhered to the concept, as did our internal teams. This kind of cohesion was a major asset for such an ambitious project.

Astrid Mayo Communications Manager

Our content production now fully supports and complements the company’s development strategy. Indexel has enabled us to valorise our expertise and multiply our presence, at optimised costs.

Patrice Chatard Founder & CEO

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