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In the era of remote working, creating virtual events is no longer an obstacle. It’s an exciting opportunity. Discover our solutions for all your virtual and remote events.

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Video interviews

  • Mechanism

    For this kind of remote event, we’ll film remotely, connecting the technician, journalist and interviewee by video conference for the interview.

  • Usage

    Ideal for snackable content on social media.

  • That extra something

    Cut editing adapts to short, high-impact formats. Using a webcam enhances proximity with the audience.


    Virtual videos

  • Mechanism

    One of our technicians will install the sound and film equipment at your site, while the rest of the team including the journalist and producer will connect remotely.

  • Usage

    Client interviews or company videos including virtual visit of your offices, factory or technical installations.

  • That extra something

    Benefit from professional image, light and sound quality, while keeping physical contact to a minimum.


    Live streaming

  • Mechanism

    Set up a film set at the Indexel studio or your offices to live stream your virtual event. Help presenting your programme? Just let us know.

  • Usage

    Internal kick-offs for companies spread over several sites and virtual versions of events initially planned as physical.

  • That extra something

    Indexel will help choose the most adapted way to stream your remote event (Teams, Youtube, Twitch), as well as how to increase interactivity.

Equipment in outside broadcasting van.



  • Mechanism

    Your virtual event can be recorded in our studio (respecting social distancing) or remotely. The editing, graphic presentation and voice offs will be completed in a professional studio.

  • Usage

    Increasingly popular (+4% audience in 2020), podcasts are an excellent way to create audience loyalty using an episodic format.

  • That extra something

    This versatile format is easy to share on platforms like Apple and Spotify or YouTube and other social media platforms.

Indexel created a real TV show that was broadcast live from our headquarters to 1000 collaborators for nearly 3 hours. Indexel took care of the technical side and presenting the event, as well as establishing the editorial stance. For Avanade, this virtual kick-off event was a huge success.

Stéphanie Ducellier Kick-Off 2021 Manager, Avanade France

I really appreciated Indexel’s editorial expertise and efficient approach. They've bought our multi-faceted client projects to life through a relevant and very dynamic vision.

Julie Amoros Marketing Manager

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