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Demonstrate your expertise, reassure prospects and become an opinion leader by publishing and sharing white papers and eBooks.

Our method



  • Defining the theme & angle

    Before starting your white paper, we’ll dive into your world to better understand the trends and challenges. Our journalists and copywriters will carry out research, hunt out studies, identify sources & experts and share their findings during the first editorial committee.

  • Running the editorial launch committee

    The editorial launch committee for your future white paper is a key moment that creates a collective dynamic with your experts and other stakeholders. This “editorial brainstorming” brings out different ideas, while helping identify internal experts and clients to involve. Not to mention setting out a schedule for the project.

  • Creating the brief & outline

    Then it’s time write a detailed brief that defines the angle of your white paper, as well as the key themes and structure. Once validated, this reference document sets out a clear framework, so we can get down to writing.

  • Interviews, writing & validation

    Interviews with your experts and customers will be carried out by journalists specialising in your domain. We’ll also proofread and validate all the content in line with the initial brief.



  • Graphic layout

    To make your white paper more appealing and easier to read, it’s important to concoct an original and impactful layout in line with your graphic charter.

  • Marketing support

    Because a white paper or eBook only makes an impact if it’s downloaded, our digital and traffic acquisition experts will do everything they can to increase the number of downloads.

Digital Artist Working At Home

We've been working with Indexel agency for several years now, and they've provided us with exceptional editorial experience and guidance. They're really good at tackling specialist topics and producing high-quality content.

Jean Gallé Marketing Manager

We wanted to give our clients and prospects the keys to success in the enterprise mobility market. And with the white book created by Indexel, this was mission accomplished! Their deep understanding of the topic enabled them to optimize the content and format.

Jean-François Gaudy Innovation Director

We distributed our white book at a property trade show. The feedback was unanimous - both surprised and enthusiastic, readers loved the angle, format and layout.

Ludovic Chambe Sustainable Development Manager

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