Brand platforms

Reveal your unique DNA and distinctive shared vision and values to drive your brand.

Our method


Photofit and values

  • Audit

    We’ll review your existing communication tools, from online presence to tone of voice, as well as carrying out a competitor benchmark.

  • Management workshops

    Run by our consultants, these workshops enable your management team to create the portrait of your ideal company, as if it were a real person. Is it a man or a woman? Conquering or caring? These sessions often reveal different points of view, generating passionate (and very constructive) debate.

  • Collaborator interviews

    Interviewing a representative panel of collaborators offers you the opportunity to confront this ideal image with everyday perceptions. Often striking, the differences will help you build a coherent brand platform.

  • Customer & partner surveys

    Asking your customers and partners for feedback is an invaluable starting point for building an effective communications plan to establish and reinforce your identity.


    Vision & mission

  • Defining your purpose

    Why does your company exist? What makes your value proposition unique? It’s important to express a clear, long-term vision that sums up your ambitions and drives all your communication.

  • A not-so secret mission

    How can your company make this vision a reality for customers? What are your main missions? What makes you distinctive?

  • Competitor insights

    Once you’ve defined your vision and mission, it’s time to carry out a competitor benchmark to ensure they are unique. And, if necessary, adjust and refine them.




  • Tone of voice

    This means translating the personality of your company into a unique voice, which is present and easy to identify in all your messages, whatever the format. This voice will help you stand out from competitors.

  • Lexicon

    What’s in word? The editorial specialists at our consulting agency will help you apply your tone of voice - including a glossary of keywords for different usages and target audiences – to bring your brand platform to life.

  • Content format

    A blog article, video or eBook? Based on your target audiences and communication objectives, the Indexel agency will recommend the most adapted and impactful formats.

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