Graphic charters

Manage your brand image while ensuring your marketing actions are coherent by creating a 100% operational graphic charter.

Our method



  • Audit

    We’ll look closely at your existing brand platform and graphic charter, as well as all your graphic elements and inspirations.

  • Competitors

    Our creative team will plunge into the graphic worlds of your competitors to figure out how you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Moodboards

    How can you analyse your graphic universe and the feelings and connotations it evokes? By creating moodboards to test different combinations and provoke different reactions.

  • Co-construction

    Together with our consultants and creative team, set out the foundations for your graphic charter through dialogue and dedicated co-construction workshops.


    The logo

  • First sketches

    It’s always best to start by putting pen or pencil to paper – these first steps ensure the ideas are on track and relevant. We’ll explain the creative concepts behind each proposal.

  • Black & white

    Once a shortlist has been established, we’ll work on the logos in black and white to focus on the structure. The aim? A logo that represents you, is timeless and easy to read across any format.

  • In colour

    You’ve chosen your logo? Now it’s time to pick the colour(s) to bring it to life. Integrated into your graphic charter, this chromatic universe will be the foundation of your identity.

INDEXEL_Site Web_2020_Logo_Visuel1_light


    Graphic charter

  • Reference document

    A graphic charter is a reference document. It establishes the rules for creating and using your graphic universe and enables all stakeholders to produce high-quality graphic elements in line with your brand.

  • Logo

    We’ll also set out rules for using your logo - from correct spacing to no-no’s and sizes to respect.

  • Colours

    Next step? Set out your brand’s chromatic universe including the main palette of colours that define you, as well as a secondary palette if appropriate. The aim? Ensure your brand is distinctive and easy to recognise.

  • Fonts

    The choice of fonts is also part of your brand identity. This is why our creative team and typographical experts strive to construct unique typography. This could mean creating a new font just for you or bringing together existing ones.

  • Visual identity

    More than just a selection of images, your iconographic universe represents your brand and values. Each photo, illustration and video should resonate with this vision.

  • In action

    A graphic charter needs to be versatile, adapting to different formats – stationary, PowerPoint, ads, social media, digital & Co.

INDEXEL_Site Web_2020_Logo_Visuel2_light

The project was very collaborative. Indexel were great at adapting and responding to any changes or feedback.

David Nicole Marketing Director

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