Media Training

Speaking in public is difficult to improvise. So why not optimise and energise your spoken messages hand in hand with our media training coaches?

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  • A clear objective, every time

    Why are you speaking? Who are you addressing? For what purpose? Together, we’ll define your objectives and audience expectations. Next step? Identify the main messages you want to communicate. It’s only after all this preparatory work that we’ll start looking at how to formulate your ideas.

  • Concrete techniques & exercises

    Based on specific, interactive exercises, our media training focuses on in-situ role playing – practise presenting to a full audience or key decision-maker, in a safe context or a crisis and for different lengths of time (elevator pitch, interview or dialogue).

  • Video support

    All the practical verbal (storytelling, flow & rhythm) and non-verbal communication exercises are filmed, so we can analyse them together.

  • Monitoring & guidance

    Your public speaking or media training is a long-term learning experience that will enable you to apply this skill in real-life professional situations, and work on concrete improvements with your coach.

  • Confidentiality

    All discussions with your coach will be confidential and take place in an open, constructive setting.

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