Accelerating acquisition for Renault Sport

Renault sport

Client Renault Sport Renault subsidiary

Project Digital Campaign

To generate traffic on its BtoB and BtoC, Renault Sport wanted to use targeted newsletters and emails. The problem? Sparse databases on different tools made it impossible to carry out detailed segmentation and get to know the target audiences better.

Renault sport email

The challenge

Reach out to 250,000 contacts and offer a new experience with each email newsletter.

Renault sport wireframe



Consolidate different databases and integrate Webmecanik’s marketing automation tool


Create an email newsletter builder to give marketing teams freedom and optimise delivery


Support Renault Sport marketing teams in learning how to use Webmecanik

Renault sport

A few figures


different email newsletter every year


BtoC and BtoB contacts


open rate for some newsletters

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