Search ads & shopping campaigns

Make Search Engine Advertising one of your strengths to drive conversion and sales.  

Our method


Reviewing objectives

  • Audit

    First things first, we’ll take a peek at your SEA track record (and your competitors’) to choose the most relevant key expressions and build your future campaigns.

  • Objectives & KPIs

    Based on the campaign objectives (turnover, number of leads or CPL), we’ll define the precise KPIs for your search ads and shopping campaigns together.


    SEA campaigns

  • Keywords & co.

    The secret to finding the most effective key words and expressions for your search and shopping ads? The right tools and, above all, taking the time to get to know you.

  • Expanded text ads

    2 x times bigger than classic text ads – this format is ideal for showcasing your products and services in mobile search results. Not sure what to write? We can lend a hand.

  • Dynamic text ads

    The Rolls Royce of AB Testing with a key message for every context. Let’s give Google every reason to promote your search ads.

  • Shopping campaigns

    Show your products from every angle and in lots detail – we’ll take care of the rest (merchant centre, data flows & CPC optimisation).

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    Campaign programming & analytics

  • Accounts

    First step? Create and set up the accounts for your chosen search engines. Or check your existing ones.

  • Configure

    Now it’s time to integrate all the parameters for your search ad or shopping campaign - from key words to ad texts and scheduling.

  • Tracking & reports

    Let’s not forget the importance of precise tracking to monitor the KPIs for your search ads and campaigns, and regular reports and dynamic dashboards.

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